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Septic Tank Pumping in Wilton, CT

Complete Septic Tank Pumping & Maintenance

Septic Tank Pumping Wilton CT

When to Pump Your Septic Tank

Regularly maintaining and pumping your septic system is a necessary occurrence of having a septic system for your home or business. It’s typically recommended that septic tanks be pumped every year to three years but is vastly dependent on your specific household occupancy, tank size, system age and water usage.

Not pumping your septic tank can put you, your property, and your home in a rather stinky situation. Not pumping your septic tank for too long can cause backup into your home or business and damage that results in costly repairs. Not routinely servicing your septic tank can lead to heavy sludge buildup which introduces all sorts of bacteria and pathogens into the environment and water table. When you call Andersons Septic Service, you’ll know that we’ll get to you promptly and have your residential or commercial septic tank pumped and ready for use in no time.

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Septic Tank Pumping Wilton CT

Septic Maintenance

Septic tank maintenance goes hand in hand with pumping, and it’s recommended that septic maintenance and monitoring be done more regularly. Although pumping is a significant component of septic maintenance, there are other components of your system that requires attention:
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Replace Outlet Filters

If your system is equipped, your outlet filter keeps solid waste particles from leaving the tank and entering your drain field. You can maintain your filter by cleaning or replacing it regularly. At the time of your septic tank pump, we will replace or clean your outlet filter. Each septic tank filter is different but we are equipped to handle all types. Not sure if you have a filter or want to discuss adding a filter to your septic tank? We are experienced to answer your questions about filters.

Inlet and Outlet T-Baffles

Inlet and outlet pipe T-Baffles are imperative to the proper function of your septic tank. The T-Baffles assist in keeping solid waste in the septic tank and out of the inlet pipe to your home and out of the outlet pipe to your leaching fields. While pumping your septic tank, we will inspect the inlet and outlet side to ensure that both T-Baffles are present and working.
Septic tank pumping services Wilton
Septic tank pumping services Wilton
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Clogged Pipes and Snaking Service

The pipes that lead out of your tank and towards the drain field may sometimes get clogged. To avoid any damage to your system, it’s best to call a professional to assess the clog and use the proper tools to clear it. We will always recommend tips and tricks to avoid unnecessary clogs to avoid costly repairs.

Automatic Service and Reminders

The average person isn’t marking their calendar for when their next septic tank pumping is due. Or are they? Even so, avoid worrying about running into septic problems through our automatic service contracts and reminders. With an automatic service contract, we’ll keep track of when your septic tank needs pumping and fulfill the job. We will always notify you of service, prior to scheduling. Alternatively, opt for our automatic e-mail or mail reminders to let you know when your tank is ready. We’ll keep it on our calendars, so you don’t have it. Just check your mailbox, e-mail and call or reply to Sam in the office! Not sure how frequently to pump your septic tank? We will get you on track informed!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Regular pumping and maintenance of your septic system are essential to prevent backups, damage, and environmental contamination. Andersons Septic Service recommends pumping every one to three years, depending on factors such as household occupancy, tank size, system age, and water usage.

Failure to pump your septic tank can lead to backups into your home or business, costly repairs, and environmental hazards due to heavy sludge buildup. Prompt pumping by Andersons Septic Service ensures your tank remains in optimal condition and prevents such issues.

In addition to pumping, Andersons Septic Service provides maintenance services, including:

  • Outlet Filter Replacement: Cleaning or replacing outlet filters to prevent solid waste particles from entering your drain field.
  • Inlet and Outlet T-Baffles Inspection: Ensuring proper function of T-Baffles to prevent solid waste from leaving the tank and entering pipes.
  • Clogged Pipes and Snaking Service: Professional assessment and clearing of clogged pipes to avoid system damage.
  • Automatic Service and Reminders: Automatic service contracts and reminders to track pumping schedules and ensure timely maintenance.

Andersons Septic Service offers automatic service contracts and reminders to track pumping schedules and notify customers when service is due. Customers can opt for email or mail reminders and rely on Andersons Septic Service to keep their septic system on track.

To schedule septic tank pumping or maintenance services with Andersons Septic Service, call 203-846-2255 or book your appointment online. Our team is ready to ensure your septic system remains in top condition and ready for use.

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