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Septic System Service & Repair Near Me in Wilton, CT

Servicing Your Septic System

septic system services Wilton CT

Septic Service Company Wilton CT

Complete Septic Service and Repairs

You usually won’t know your septic tank or system needs repair until it’s too late. That’s why it’s best to watch for the signs that your septic system needs servicing to avoid costly repairs or, even worse—entire replacements. Andersons Septic Service offers a variety of septic system service, repairs, and maintenance that will help keep your system working correctly. We are well versed in repairing all styles and generations of septic system components.

Septic Tank Replacement And Installation

Septic tanks and specifically original household tanks are commonly constructed of concrete and have a lifespan that you’ll only be aware of when a problem occurs, which could be catastrophic. Over years of service, your septic tank will deteriorate, crack, collapse or leak. At every pump service, we inspect your septic tank for those conditions and bring them to your attention. In most cases, we will recommend a complete replacement of the septic tank, but don’t let that scare you. We replace septic tanks on a weekly basis and can offer solutions for every property and septic system. The safety of your household and its septic system is dependent on the condition of your buried septic tank. Let our family’s 50+ years of experience, put you at ease.
septic system services Wilton CT
septic tank replacement Wilton CT

Septic System Company Wilton CT

Septic System Repairs

septic system services Wilton CT
septic system services Wilton CT
septic repair services Wilton

Access Lids & Riser Installs

Septic tank access lids and risers make your septic tank easier to access and help to minimize the amount of disruption to your yard when it’s time to access your tank. Andersons Septic Service can install the risers or access lids that fit your septic tank for easier and safe access in the future. Not sure if you need a septic lid riser? Give us a call to discuss how we can assist and keep your septic tank access trouble free and within the State Code.

Collapsed or Broken Pipes

Whether it’s an inlet pipe, outlet pipe, pressurized pump line or leaching field piping; damaged pipes will cause unwanted excrement to enter the ground untreated and diminish the integrity of the entire system. Common problems are pipes that settle and separate over time, take on roots, become disconnected or crushed and obstructed. We are experienced in pinpointing the problem, fixing it and leaving it in better condition than when it was installed.
septic system services Wilton CT
broken septic pipe Wilton
broken septic pipe Wilton

Failing Leaching System

A failing septic leaching system is a term that haunts every homeowner. If you see signs of leaching field problems or failure, we will never jump to conclusions and assume that your leaching system is in failure. Let us walk you through our investigation process to isolate the problem. If your leaching field is failing and in need of complete reconstruction, and/or relocation; we will explore all or your available options and keep you at ease.

Distribution box repairs

A distribution box or “D-Box” takes in effluent from your septic tank outlet and distributes it to the leaching field. A very common issue for most septic systems is deteriorated, broken or plugged distribution boxes and problems with its associated piping. For your septic system to work effectively, your distribution box must be free of obstructions and properly plumbed. If left untreated, you may cause uneven/ improper flow, further clogs/ backup and effluent breaking ground into your yard.
distribution box repair Wilton
distribution box repair Wilton
Wilton clog pipe

Clogged Pipes

Have you ever heard gurgling in your sinks or toilets? Seen sewage come out of the tank and into your yard? Have you experienced a drain or wasteline backup into your home? If so, it’s a sign of a clogged drain pipe. We are equipped to clear clogged main waste lines from your home and tackle clogged pipes as they enter and exit your septic tank. Clearing a clogged pipe requires professional help with professional tools. Andersons Septic Service has you covered and when you call us, we will walk you through the problem, troubleshoot it and leave you at ease with a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Andersons Septic Service specializes in various septic system repairs, including fixing collapsed or broken pipes, addressing failing leaching systems, and repairing distribution boxes to maintain the integrity of your system.

Access lids and risers make your septic tank easier to access, minimizing disruption to your yard during maintenance. Andersons Septic Service can install these for you, ensuring trouble-free access while complying with State Code regulations.

Signs such as leaching field problems or failure require prompt attention. Our experienced team will conduct thorough investigations to isolate the issue and explore available options for reconstruction or relocation, keeping you at ease throughout the process.

Signs such as gurgling sinks or toilets and sewage backups indicate clogged drain pipes. Andersons Septic Service is equipped to clear clogged main waste lines and tackle clogged pipes, providing professional assistance and leaving you with a solution.

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