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Septic System Design Near Me in Wilton CT

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septic system design services

Septic System Design Wilton CT

Septic System Designs

There’s a lot more to septic system installation than excavation and installing its components. Modern septic systems are intricate networks designed to filter wastewater through material like stone, sand, pipe, proprietary units and your property’s soil so it can re-enter the natural water cycle without harming groundwater. With our years of experience in septic system design, we will ensure that your wastewater gets the necessary drainage and filtration to stay below your lush grass and is up to par with all state and town health codes.

Ground Water and Drainage Systems Repairs

Every property is different and may present its own drainage issues. Whether it’s a problem with rainwater, gutter drainage or groundwater; we have a solution on how to redirect or drain the water and preserve your property. We also ensure that all runoff water near your septic system gets directed away from so it doesn’t take on unnecessary stress. If you have ever heard the terms curtain drain or french drain but don’t know what they are, we can help!

System Design Drawings & Blueprints

Whether your septic system needs to be engineered and blueprinted, or is a bit more simple and can be drawn in house; you’re in good hands when it comes to the design. We will provided drawings and/or blue prints that, in detail, outline your septic system so as the homeowner, you will be well versed in how your system works. Every septic system design is unique to its property and we know how to design it as such.

Engineering Services

Is your septic system, property or project complex and have specific needs? Designing a septic system can’t be performed by just anyone. We are properly licensed and have the capabilities to professionally engineer your septic system to comply with building and health standards that will continue to function flawlessly for decades.
septic system design services
septic design Wilton
septic design Wilton

Test Holes and PERC Tests

A septic system cannot be placed in any location of your property. Many state health and design codes dictate the location of your septic system, as well as the usage of your properties below grade soil. The first step to designing a new septic system is to excavate test holes and conduct a PERC (percolation) test. Test holes are deep holes dug with our excavator and provide us with access to read/ analyze the soil on your property. Following test holes, we will conduct a PERC test. A PERC test measures water absorption rate of your soil and is a vital step to the design process. The town sanitarian will be present during these tests. Once we gather the data of the test holes and PERC test, we can design the proper system for your household and place it in the most functional location of your property.

Plan For The Worst-B100-A

When installing a pool, building a new house, or building an addition, property owners must comply with state laws and codes to ensure a variety of building, soil, and health standards are in order. One of those codes—Public Health Code B100a, requires property owners to reserve a portion of their land as a reserve drain field in the event that the current septic system drain field fails. A B100a ensures that the project (pool, addition, etc.) you are constructing; will not be in the location of your next septic system in the event that the current system needs replacement.

At Andersons Septic Service, we are certified, experienced, and knowledgeable in septic system design and engineering to provide you with the expertise to build effective septic systems that comply with Connecticut Health Code B100a.

septic system design services
septic system design services

Frequently Asked Questions

Septic system design involves creating intricate networks to filter wastewater and ensure compliance with state and town health codes. It’s crucial for directing wastewater through materials like stone, sand, pipe, and proprietary units, safeguarding groundwater and preserving property integrity.

Andersons Septic Service offers solutions for various drainage issues, including rainwater, gutter drainage, and groundwater problems. Our experts can redirect or drain water to preserve your property and ensure that runoff near your septic system is directed away to avoid unnecessary stress.

Andersons Septic Service offers comprehensive septic system design services, including:

  • System Design Drawings & Blueprints: Detailed drawings or blueprints outlining your septic system’s design, ensuring you understand its functionality.
  • Engineering Services: Professional engineering of complex septic systems to comply with building and health standards for long-term functionality.
  • Test Holes and PERC Tests: Excavation of test holes and PERC (percolation) tests to determine the ideal location and soil suitability for your septic system placement.

Public Health Code B100a requires property owners to reserve a portion of land as a reserve drain field in case the current septic system drain field fails. Andersons Septic Service ensures compliance with this code to guarantee effective septic system design and construction for various projects.

To request a free estimate for septic system design services, call Andersons Septic Service at 203-846-2255 or email us today. Our certified and experienced team is ready to provide expertise in building effective septic systems tailored to your property’s needs.

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